The ancient art of Facial Massage

Facial massage is an art that dates back centuries and has its roots in China, Mexico, France and Sweden, with each nation contributing in shaping what we know as a modern facial massage today.

A scroll through the Instagram feed of any top make-up artist or beautician will show skilled hands moving rapidly, pinching, tapping, flicking, and  pumping skin, whilst delivering a facial or body massage. Users from A list celebrities to more ordinary mortals, rave about the plumped-up glow and significant lift a good facial offers the skin, whilst - just as importantly - it can improve blood circulation and your overall health.

Body Massage has significant long term health benefits too

The back, neck, shoulders and chest, are very often neglected areas of personal skin care. Full or partial body massage, boosting blood circulation and eliminating toxins, not only produces flexible, well hydrated and glowing skin, but means your internal organs will function much better.

You’ll feel less swelling and pain in your joints and have much more energy as well as better overall body posture. Regular body massage also improves your respiratory function, general breathing and helps you sleep so much better.

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